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    High Noon is a high octane, premium planting mix. Designed with the organic gardener in mind, High Noon Mix provides everything you need to start your garden. For use in containers or in the ground, this mix is based on OMRI certified compost and worm castings. Additional nutrients added from nature such as alfalfa meal, sea kelp, oyster shell, and chicken manure ensure that nutrients remain available throughout the growing season. Perlite is added for drainage and is pH balanced.

    High Noon Improved is back and better than ever. Starting off with an excellent blend of macro and micro nutrients from alfalfa meal, sea kelp, oyster shell, and worm castings. This blend has all you need to start your organic garden off right. OMRI certified compost and Mendo Peat serve as the planting media base providing both excellent drainage and water holding capacity. Organic chicken manure and *Newly Added* bat guano make nitrogen immediately available with residual nitrogen and other nutrients slow-released to your crops as well. Perlite and rice hulls ensure successful use in containers.

    Garden Delight Mix is a "meet in the middle" compromise between our Basic Planting Mix and our High Noon Blend. This recession-busting blend has all the fine ingredients inside High Noon - just in smaller quantities. Garden Delight also takes the basic mix up to the next level, adding worm castings for an even more energized blend.

    Super Organic ia a blend of Mendo Peat, OMRI Compost, rice hull and Chicken Manure is great tilled into your vegetable garden. Will improve the tilth of your soil through preventing compaction, adding organic matter, and providing available nitrogen for your plants.

    Chicken Manure - Pure is an organic manure provides both readily available nitrogen and helps increase the humus content in your soil. This amendment helps build a healthy garden soil profile. Available "straight from the farm" with just a bit of bedding. Great for tilling into your garden area or use sparingly as fertilizer.

    Chicken Manure - Blend is an organic manure provides both readily available nitrogen and helps increase the humus content in your soil. This amendment helps build a healthy garden soil profile. Combined with OMRI certified compost and rice hulls, our chicken blend still has 1/3 manure content. Great for tilling into your garden area or creating a raised planting area. Will help break down heavy clay soils and increase water holding potential in sandy soils over time. Rice hulls help create and maintain air space in your soil profile and resists compaction for many years.

    Basic Planting Mix is an excellent base if you have new beds to fill or need to top existing ones off. OMRI compost, perlite and 10% organic chicken manure provide a rich but well draining base to grow the finest veggies and flowers.

    Walk-On Bark is a redwood based landscape bark will darken with age. Excellent reasonably priced bark for keeping weeds at bay and promoting water retention in your planter beds.

    Mendo Peat is an organic, sustainable, local replacement for traditional peat moss (from Canada). Resembling peat moss in both pH and physical characteristics, you will see Mendo Peat becoming more main stream in the next few years. Found by many large wholesale nurseries to give the same results as peat moss. By using Mendo Peat you are: Saving the last of the Canadian Peat Bogs from destruction, keeping your dollars in the US, using an organic product, and using less fossil fuels to get your compost to your door. Mendo Peat is to peat moss what biofuel is to petroleum.

    "50/50" Blend is a landscapers' choice for use in grading landscapes and creating raised planting areas.

    Custom Design Your Own Mix! We provide the ingredients: premium planting mix, OMRI certified compost, worm castings, forest humus alfalfa meal, sawdust, sea kelp, coarse sand oyster shell, rice hulls, chicken manure, and perlite.