SAC Valley Flames * Power Soccer Club

The Sac Valley Flames on June 27, 2015, with Paul and Margo

There are no age or gender categories. Participants include people with quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.

The official results of the 2016-17 regular season have been tallied and the Sac Valley Flames are NUMBER 1 in the nation, edging out the San Jose Flash by 2 points! Well done!!!!!!!!

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Calendar and Locations

[Please arrive at out of town games 1 hour before game time.]

 [Practice sessions are 1:00-4:00 at Harper]

11 Practice 

17 (5) San Jose 
Confirmed Schedule 

10:00: Flash v Steamrollers
11:00: Rockets v Flames
12:00: Flash v Ghostriderz
1:00: Steamrollers v Rockets
2:00: Flames v Ghostriderz
3:00: Rockets v Bombers
4:00: Steamrollers v Ghostriderz
5:00: Flames v Bombers

25 Practice

 8 Practice 
21 (5) San Jose

22 Practice

 5 (1) Flames Home Tournament

19-20 (2) BORP

20 Practice ?

 3 Practice 

Teams Location ---------------- -------- Bombers Blue BORP Bombers White BORP Flames Davis [Non-conference] Flash San Jose [Non-conference] Ghostriderz Fresno [Founders Div] Kryptonite Pride Hayward Rockets San Jose Shockers BORP [Non-conference] Steamrollers San Jose [Championship Div]


(1) Harper Junior High school Gym , 4000 E. Covell Blvd., Davis CA

(2) BORP-James Kenney Recreation Center, 1720 8th St, Berkeley, CA

(3) Alviso Gym, 5040 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA

(4) St. Anthony of Padua 5770 N Maroa Ave., Fresno, CA 93704

(5) Bascom Community Gym, 1000 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA

(6) MLK Jr. Community Center, 1730 Oregon St.,Berkeley, CA

(7) Emerson Elementary School 2121 Calaveras Ave, Davis CA

Santa Rosa Jr. College, 1501 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa CA (Tauzer Gym)

Analy High School , 6950 Analy Ave. Sebastopol CA

(9) 2017 Power Soccer World Cup , 1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee, Florida