Belly Rub Farms * Loomis * CA


A damaged cold frame being repaired and transformed into a barn for our pigs and meat birds.

Dennis working on repairs. The new "skin" (plastic) is now taute and the doors are coming soon...

Something you won't find at the store in your egg cartons! Young chickens can be a bit unpredictable with their eggs. Here there is a "rooster" egg on the left, a regular sized egg, and a Jumbo. All collected on the same day from young hens. A rooster egg generally doesn't have a yolk inside, so is much smaller than normal.

Ah, the joys of agriculture! Our hard freezes last December cracked multiple water lines on the property as well as many sprinkler heads. Here is one that can't decide which way to spray from.

Even though I worry about the cold, I can't help but be attracted to the beauty that frost creates. Luckily mustard doesn't mind a little frost, and is rarely damaged from the cold in our area.

View from the farm in the early morning. Love old oaks.

Young Tomato Pl`ants