Belly Rub Farms
3170 Delmar Ave
Loomis * CA


Our chickens have always enjoyed lots of garden produce to supplement their feed. Last summer, we stepped up their nutrition by using only soy-free, organic feed. Then this winter we started growing fodder to supplement their greens, and also now add fish meal, sea kelp, BOSS, and naturally control any worm issues with diatomaceous earth and kombucha. This spring, we are adding a few Black Copper Marans to our flock, with the intent to offer a full rainbow assortment of egg colors in each carton. We spoil our girls, but then they are pretty generous with their gifts back to us.

We allow our chickens to free range whenever possible. They help keep the insects down in the garden, and gain extra protein at the same time.

Here is a good shot of our one rooster... a Sicilian Buttercup. He's a pretty gentle guy, and since he's a bante breed, the girls can easily tell him to "shove off" if they aren't interested.

The hen in the foreground is molting. I decided not to post the picture of her practically nude - didn't think she'd appreciate it! All the chickens were confused by the hot summer, long fall, then severe cold in December. Many of them molted twice this season, and then went on sabatical from their egg laying positions. I'm happy to say they've all returned to work at this point, and are producing beautiful, healthy eggs.

This is a typical day's assortemnt of color from the hen house. Keep an eye out later this season for deep chocolate colored eggs as the Black Copper Marans begin to mature.